SHOOMA dances with you.

SHOOMA is a place for you and me.

It arises for us and out of us.

Loves dancing because dance can say more than words.

Created to house everything loved, imagined.

To accomplish!

From the Den


How can we react to sound? Which sounds surround you? React to them. How does your left foot react to […]


Imagine dancing. Your invisible dance. What would dance be like? Close your eyes. Can you imagine where you are, fantasizing […]


What space are you in? Are you in big or small one? Find all the very small spaces in place […]

What is The Shooma Den?

The den is a virtual home of creative ideas that move the body and mind.The Den is intended for children, young people, and anyone who wants to move their body in new and creative ways. The ideas are easy to implement at different places like homes, parks, woods and wherever is comfortable to move.

Latest news

Two awards for Astronauts at The Festival of Ecological Theatre

On our second international tour since the existence of SHOOMA, Astronauts won two awards at the Festival of ecological theatre […]

Presentation and workshop of The Den album (Brlog) at the Kliker festival

We did the first presentation of our "Den music album" which is made for usage in kindergartens, schools and homes […]

The Secret Garden on the island of Cres

Dance artists Sabrina Fraternali, Anna Javoran and Irma Unušić stayed in Moise Palace on the island of Cres from May […]

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