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SHOOMA [‘ʃumʌ/šuma/forest] is an artistic organisation founded by dance artist Irma Unušić. Inspired by the forest as a perfect ecological factory, SHOOMA brings together a collective of artists from different art fields. Together, they create performing arts experiences that push the boundaries of what performances for children and youth can be. Acting as a creative factory, it is a space where dance art meets and plays with different artistic fields, creating various innovative artistic formats. SHOOMA is for art and play. We aim to create innovative, inspiring, high-quality, and age-appropriate artistic experiences. Active in dissemination and mediation engagement, which collaborates with educational institutions and other sectors, we are passionate about bringing contemporary dance to small areas where it is unknown. SHOOMA is playful, sustainable and carefully considerate in the creation of content that aims to contribute to the quality of life of children and young people and, consequently, their families. We use art to improve the well-being of children and young adults, strengthen mutual relationships and self-confidence, encourage development, and create spaces for more empathy.


SHOOMA loves to hug.

Likes to discover.

It's changing.

She guards.






SHOOMA is a place for you and me; it arises for us and out of us.

Loves dancing because dance can say more than words.

Created to house everything loved, imagined.

To accomplish!

SHOOMA is for play and art.

Play is art, and art is play.

We playfully create art.

Art plays us out, and playfulness makes us complete, preoccupied, fulfilled.

Dancing is like a playful movement of the body, and art is when we feel that playfulness does well for us.

We find the play in the body, movement, dance, words, thoughts, drawing, sound, and every human and natural action.

We turn our plays into performances, projects, and various formats for children and adults.

Our plays turn into places for you.

SHOOMA drives your creativity.

Out of love for the world.

Irma Unušić

artistic director
Irma Unušić (1989. Croatia) is a dance maker focusing her artistic activity on young audiences. She creates various theatre formats of “bringing dance into other bodies” and also creating spaces where others are inspired but at the same time feeling safe. She is artistic director of SHOOMA where she collaborates with many other artists from different fields with a particular interest in moving the boundaries of what a performance for children and youth can be like. She acquired her professional dance education at the Art School Franjo Lučić (2011-2014) and has graduated Preschool Education (2011) and Cultural Anthropology (2015). Last two years she has been a program advisor at Kliker festival Varaždin and now as a member of curator team at the Schöne Aussicht Festival for 2024 edition by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. Her work also broadens to field of mediation which created The Den project considering web platform, music album, interactive concert and workshops for school teachers on how to use dance in everyday life. She empowers her artistic knowledge by participating in various international projects, residencies and networks: Generator platform, Kliker platform, Teen Generator, Island connect, Young Dance Network (Assitej), New Generation (Schöne Aussicht Festival), BABEL project (Assitej) and in 2024 she is selected for Next Generation Residency at the 21st ASSITEJ World Congress & Performing Arts Festival in Havana, Cuba.

Marko Čavlović

Marko Čavlović completed his undergraduate studies in Production at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. He is currently a second-year graduate student in Stage and Performing Arts Production at the same academy, where he is developing his graduation project, which focuses on performance art. He was a participant in the international showcase of the Youth Theater in Ljubljana and one of the participants in the international masterclass "Why Theater is a Political Art in itself?" held in Brussels. He is the executive producer of the play "Ray Migration" by Jovana Zelenović, Margareta Firinger and Waitherae Schreyeck. In addition to his studies, he volunteered first as a member and then as the head of the Public Relations team in the largest Croatian student association - eSTUDENT.

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