There is a lot of motivation in the forest.

The forest is the real motivation.

A lot of it can encourage you to get your body moving creatively.

These are a few motivations that have won us over.

We are sure you will find some of your own.

Duet with the Sun

Dance the dance with the biggest star in the universe.

Feel the heat.

Invite the Sun to the dance.

Open all the parts of your body you can and point them towards the Sun.

Let the warmth and light move you in motion.

The wind and me

The wind carries and carries and brings.

Play a game with the wind.

Feel how it sways you.

Sometimes slowly and sometimes it’s so strong you can’t stand on your feet.

Let the wind move you.


Hugs and hugs.

Trees this time.

They are support, there are many of them, there are few of them…

They can support and sustain us.

Climb to one or two.


Let the whole forest dances with you.


Dry fallen branches.

The leaves fell off.

Old stump.

Soft moss and your shirt.

The spider web has been there for some time.

Create an installation that you immerse yourself in with your body.

You discover spaces you can pass through.

You're playing.

You explore and dance.

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