You show your palms, show them softly.

Well suddenly! Gently and thoroughly apply the most fragrant hand cream.

Remember the space between your fingers.

You run your palms through the water, through the sand, through the refreshing cold earth.

You offer your friend a soft pen with your palms.

The wind blows it away, you grab it with your fingertips and put it back on your palms.

Stop. Stop everything.

Restart your two dancers (arms) as if going through honey.

Slowly, slowly they try to get to the edge of the bowl, and then as fast as you can get them out.

Soothe your hands and watch the honey slowly drip from your palms.

Of course, you imagine that ... take yourself to another bowl and find out where it will take you.

Hands can dance at any time, you should know!

Every day after waking up let them take you into the day and enjoy.

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