Look around you.

What do you see in space? 

Check out what you can use for your dance floor.

Find some interesting objects, things, furniture…

Bring all the pillows you have.

Find a lot of stuffed toys.

Play with colours, shapes, different textures and surfaces.

Imagine creating a playground for the senses.

The polygon is arranged according to texture colour or just as it comes to us.

Inspired by the movements while constructing, we go through the polygon and think of a way to move on a particular part of the polygon.

How we roll, how we go through something, above something, below, how we wrap ourselves, how we unwind ...

Make a complete layout in the space you are in.

Arrange things in a certain order and decide where the end is.

Use sheets, pillows, carpet, shoes, jackets…

How can you roll?

Repeat everything or don't.

Change the polygon.

Invite mom, dog, birthday friends or someone who is at home and create your dance floor together.

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