Ninabu - first steps

It’s been a week since the first experience of ninabu-ing with babies and we still feel great happiness, tingling, and immense satisfaction with what we’ve all experienced together.

Ninabu is ready!

Ninabu is coming!

We have made a performance that motivates us to focus what is now, to what it is, which tells us to stop, to be there and accept, to enjoy this moment.

It is so wonderful to see moms, dads, grandmothers and other caregivers watching their babies with great attention and joy, allowing them to discover the world (of ninabu) and creating new experiences. Babies are fantastic, we can learn so much from them just by watching them travelling the world. To let the baby be what it is, that’s what Ninabu wants, to carry that with you after the show, that’s what Ninabu wants.

Ninabu is all that.

Ninabu is a safe place to stay in the moment.

Ninabu is special.

Ninabu is ordinary and special cause of that.

Ninabu reveals the most powerful thing in us.

Those who were at the first open rehearsals are looking for more, and for now we can say:

Varaždin at Kliker Festival 9.10.2021 (9:30 and 11:00)

Zagreb Mala Scena theatre 17.-21.10.2021. (every day at 11am)

Bjelovar Dom Kulture (October 30 - 31, 2021).

See and ninabu you there!

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