Presentation and workshop of The Den album (Brlog) at the Kliker festival

We did the first presentation of our "Den music album" which is made for usage in kindergartens, schools and homes to motivate children for creative movement using music and textual motivations from the booklet and all with mental health in mind. It was presented together with the workshop at the Kliker festival on June 18th in the Center for youth and independent culture P4.

BRLOG (Den) is an innovative interdisciplinary music album whose purpose is through a creative approach work with the body, movement, dance and music and positively influence greater awareness of the body, the connection between body and mind, awareness of the breath and oneself, and thereby have a preventive effect on children's mental health at the age of 4 to 11 years. An integral part of the Den album is a booklet with textual instructions and illustrations that additionally motivates the targeted use of the album, thus complementing the musical numbers and instructing the use of the album for the purpose of group or individual work with children.

Author: Irma Unušić / SHOOMA
Authors of music and arrangements: Ivan Marojević and Vanesa Petrac
Author of the text of the musical numbers: Vanesa Petrac
Collaborator for dance and music: Nastasja Štefanić Kralj
Guitar and electronic instruments: Ivan Marojević
Vocal: Vanesa Petrac
Viola: Nastasja Štefanić Kralj
Field recordings: Ivan Marojević and Vanesa Petrac
Illustrations and design: Petar Zlonoga
Studio music recording: Marko Horvat (MHZ studio)

The Den goes further, it will become a concert!

Dates are coming soon! 

Photo credit: Mario Knor

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