Infinity and everything known and unknown about the universe served as a baseline for this performance in which the audience can participate in the play. It is an immersive dance theatre play for children aged 4 to 10 years and their grown-ups. The audience is immersed from the beginning with the performers. They are doing astronaut exercises in preparation for the "space trip", metaphorically a "life trip" that we are all going through, with its ups and downs. We approach it with great sensitivity to children's needs, recognizing the importance of enabling and empowering the "voices of a new world," the voices of children. They are free to explore, experience, and create their authentic movement, encouraged by the events in the play and supported by live music. 

Astronauts won two awards at the Festival of ecological theatre in Bačka Palanka, Serbia. We performed Astronauts on August 19th 2022. The first award is the most sincere one - the audience award for the best show. The second award is a special award for sensibility in interactivity evaluated by an expert jury consisting of Maša Avramović, pedagogue and activist for children's rights, Duško Mazalica, actor and artistic director of the Children's Theater of the Republic of Serbia and Jovana Rakić, choreographer and dance pedagogue.

This performance is supported by the KLIKER platform, which encourages dance for young audiences.

Premiere: March 8, 2018, Bjelovar City Museum

Concept and direction: Maja Zećo

Choreography: Irma Unušić

Performed by: Una Štalcar Furač, Irma Unušić, Vanesa Petrac, Ivan Marojević

Sound designers: Vanesa Petrac, Ivan Marojević

Costume design: Selena Gazda

Poster illustration: Karla Unušić, Danilo Kreso

Graphic support: Vedran Markulin

Production: UO SHOOMA

Photos: Marina Ćosić

Video: Tomislav Sporiš

Trailer: Delimir Hrestak

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