Dancing & reading is a small form in which reading a picture book aloud is associated with the art of dance. The form is intended for preschool children from 3 to 7 years. It was created within the audience development project STEP FOR DANCE as a simple format that wants to bring children closer to reading and dancing; reading as a more well-known medium through which the awareness of dance art spreads. The main activity is the performance of an expressive reading of a selected picture book exclusively by Croatian authors, showing illustrations and a dance interpretation that follows the course of the story. In the second part of the performance, there is a planned activity for the children participants that encourages their creativity in dance, art, and speech expression. Each performance of the Dance Reading Story contains the following:

  • reading a picture book during dance movement
  • talking to the audience about the story read and their experiences
  • a creative interdisciplinary workshop leaning on the theme of the picture book

Authors and performers:

Snježana Berak, library and pedagogical specialist
Irma Unušić, dance artist

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