The Den is a project of creating a virtual place of ideas for dance and movement. The project's launch was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia as part of the Public Call for digital adaptation programs and the creation of new cultural and creative content. Part of the project is also the official website, a platform for Den content. The Den is intended for children, young people, and anyone who wants to move their body in new and creative ways. The ideas are easy to implement at different places like homes, parks, woods, etc. We also recommend the use of Den to all pedagogical staff who work with children in kindergarten, school, or dance halls.

The den is designed to embrace.

Hug you.

The den is for every day.

It's a place where you can feel good,

where you can explore things, be who you are, and discover much more.

The den wants to encourage you to create what carries you, takes you away, holds, and sustains you through good times and those other times that challenge our stability and psychophysical health.

The den is a virtual home of creative ideas that move the body and mind.

Authors: Irma Unušić, Tea Hlušička

Camera and editing: Tara Ivanišević

Animation, design, website visuals: Peter Zlonoga

Music: Vanesa Petrac, Ivan Marojević

Illustrations: Vedran Markulin

Performers: Rita Ravenščak, Neo Unušić Vujnović, Gea Unušić Vujnović, Irma Unušić, Tea Maršanić

Photo: Darko Hlušička

Web design:


The project is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and the City of Bjelovar.

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