The Secret Garden was given a great opportunity for growth

In these days when the world is shaking in so uncomfortably we are rethinking our mission in this time and space, surely knowing that our vision of a better place is possible by creating art for and with young audiences which is giving them the opportunity to think in different and creative ways, supporting them to feel safe, proud of their lives and finding the reason to hope!

That’s why we are so proud that our Secret Garden was given a great opportunity for growth. Island Connect - a residency program for performing arts, selected our project for having residencies: 

Cres, Croatia at Palace Moise 28.5. - 10.6.2022.

Bornholm, Denmark at BIRCA 12.9. - 25.9.2022.

The Secret Garden is the title of a participatory site-specific performance for young audiences over the age of 12 developed by Irma Unušić, Sabrina Fraternali and Anna Javoran. Having the connection of the individual to their environment in mind, the performance offers a search for the genius loci, the good spirit of the place. This search aims to restore harmony and a favourable flow of energy to a space that has maybe become uninteresting, unproductive, boring or dangeurous for its daily inhabitants. 

We are looking for a premiere in October 2022.

Artistic team: Anna Javoran, Sabrina Fraternali, Irma Unušić

Island Conncet is co-funded by the program of the European Union.

Local partner: DOMINO (Zagreb, Croatia)

Hosting partner: BIRCA (Bornholm, Denmark)

The work was initiated at TOUCH/ED laboratory at Kliker festival 2020. and was developing at the Generator Platform residency in Trento at Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara.

Photo: Marco Comuzzi 

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