Which planet are you?

In the period from 7 to 13 June 2021, a residency program was held at the Mediterranean Dance Center in Svetvinčenat, during which dance artists Nikolina Komljenović and Irma Unušić started the second phase of work on the performance Which planet are you?

The residency was held as part of the Generator Platform program. This residency was preceded by a stay on Cres (10.5.-23.5.2021.) supported by the European project Island connect. It is a performance based on the concept of Nikola Komljenović and Vivian Defazio, which was created within the Touche (ed) Artistic and Moving Lab for choreographers organized by the Generator Platform (European Collaborative Platform of Contemporary Dance for Young Audiences) during 2020 in Vienna and Varaždin (Kliker festival).

The idea stems from the experience of touch that takes us to extremes - understanding, feelings and needs - in the context of today. Listening to the effects of the dichotomy of simultaneous isolation and immersion in a new space of research and connection, the artists work on creating a poetic performance in which they play with concepts and concepts: "who we are" or as the name suggests, "who is which planet".  Find out what happens when two planets (persons) meet. How do they perceive differences and how much do they rejoice in similarities? Do their peculiarities and the peculiarities of others make them curious and how do the multitude of individual planets make the universe a glittering cloak of opportunities for friendship? In this phase of the work, the artists explored how ideas are transmitted through abstract artistic language and how the audience perceives them, and how the audience contributes to the further shaping of the dance art project for children.

During this stay in the Mediterranean Dance Center artists held a workshop, a presentation of the work in progress and a conversation with the audience, which was very important for the further development of the work.

The project is supported by: Generator platform, Creative Europe, Island Connect

Photos: Andi Bančić

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